Buy Tickets

Buy tickets to the For the Funk of It Music Festival in Belden, CA, August 15 & 16, 2014.

Tickets to For the Funk of It Music Festival are will call. After purchasing tickets, your name will be added to the list with the type and number of tickets you purchased. When you arrive at the front gate have your ID ready and we will check that your name is on the list, and then the Funk is on!!!!


Event Tickets

Free camping for all ticket holders

2 day advance tickets – $65
(Available at the gate for $100 – CASH ONLY)

Friday Ticket – $30
(Available at the gate for $30)

Saturday Ticket – $50
(Available at the gate for $50)

Children’s 2-day Ticket – $35
For children ages 10-17. Children under 10 get in free. (Available at the gate for $35)

VIP Tickets – $160
(Available at the gate for $220 – CASH ONLY)
Includes: 2-day ticket, VIP camping, 1 commemorative poster, 10 beverage tickets, backstage and VIP lounge access.

Golden Ticket – $400
Includes: 1 VIP pass, 1 parking pass, 1 festy t-shirt, 1 signed commemorative poster, 2 meals from the taco truck, camping in band camping area, 8 additional beverage tickets.

Super Funky Friend Package – $1500
4 VIP tickets, 1 parking pass, 4 festy t-shirts, 4 signed commemorative posters, 1 catered meal for 4 in the backstage area, camping for 4 in band camping area, 12 additional beverage tickets, and special shout-out on the mic saying thanks for your support!


Parking and RV Passes

On-site Parking Pass – $80

RV Pass – $150

Alternative parking will be available approximately 10 miles away from the event. $5 shuttle passes providing unlimited trips to satellite parking lot can be purchased at the event.


Hotel Rooms

Hotel Room – $450
2 queen size beds with views of either the main stage or river.



All cabins have been reserved. No more available at this time.